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Tuesday 22nd February 2011 ~ Hardy Passenger

Malcolm decided to go the whole hog today and do the X1 route in its entirety from Lowestoft to Peterborough and return. Normally people who do this marathon actually get paid for doing so, i.e. the drivers ! Malcolm started out on L12 with 37571 from which he took a teabreak at King's Lynn and this was as far as 571 got too, because it was replaced here by 37159. Reason for this change is unknown, but I expect Richard gave 571 a good telling off for escaping from its normal job of K17. Today 37573 handled the latter diagram. The timetable ws largely adhered to today once again and only K16 with 37158 seemed to suffer delay - this was 6 late into Wisbech this afternoon heading east. 37566 and 37578 were absentees today, meaning that all five B7s had to work in order to provide a full low floor service.
Des provides a fuel price update for us today viz : Lynn (Tesco) - 128.9, Easton (Sains) - 127.9 and Low (Tesco) - 127.9.

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