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X1 - The Future, Part 2

Sometime ago, rumours were rife that the X1 was about to be split into segments in order to avoid the compounded delays which sometimes occur. There were other rumblings too, the X1 avoiding Hockering probably causing the most rumpus, as well as possibly being rerouted to miss Toftwood (an option which I personally subscribe to, simply because Toftwood would be better served by a local service).
Yarmouth drivers, I was told from several sources, were to be taken out of the route altogether. Definitely Peterborough to Hunstanton / Dereham and Lowestoft to Norwich and Dereham said others regarding the proposed route split. This blog has purposely kept quiet about the plans, despite being in 'the know' for a couple of weeks now.
As you've probably guessed, today it was put on record that - well for the moment anyway - nothing major is going to change. I should think not too with all this publicity ! Here is the link from today's EDP.
 I, personally, hope the X1 has a solid future, not least because of all the good friends I have made who deserve some job security in these trying times, but also because when it runs well it is hard to beat. Take travelling to Peterborough for example. I never think of driving there these days, unless absolutely forced. The VFM afforded by the X1 coupled with the convenient location of Queensgate bus station, mean for me that driving is a last resort.

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The Big Wobble said...

The Big Wobble will be following X1 from now on with great interest!