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Friday 18th February 2011 ~ Clean and Punctual

Peter says "On another very clean 37159 on the 07.09 to Peterborough on time this morning . Don't know who decided to deep clean these buses, but it is very noticeable and welcome. Later I had the same bus on the 17.40 from Peterborough rail station, near enough on time again and this on a Friday ! What is more all heaters were working and it was very pleasant. We took a diversion through Eye village to avoid the queues on the main road, commendable'.
Having viewed all 19 diagrams today, the heaviest delay was only 9 minutes to K15 with 37573. Traffic into Wisbech was very heavy early this afternoon and 37571 on K17 lost 7 minutes as a result.
20107 completed its weeks work on K14, paving the way for an all low floor weekend me thinks. 37156 was viewed by Malcolm spare at Lowestoft Gordon Road at just before midday as 37570 departed on K1 11.55 to Peterborough. A little later Michael Bryant reports 37156 in use on the 12.38 X2 to Norwich.

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