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Thursday 3rd February 2011 ~ Deadspace

Deadspace is the title of today's blog, a) because lots of buses appeared with this nearside advert today and b) because today was pretty boring !
All low floor for a start which would please the operating team and thankfully no delays of note. All the branded B9 Geminis were out working complete turns, mind you it was a close run thing as 37573 had a slight argument with a lorry in Peterborough and came back with a lump out of the front valance. Nevertheless after checks were made it was pronounced Ok to continue. B7wise 37157 was on Y9 and 37158 on L12. 37160 was seen by Bruce sparkling in Vancouver Avenue after its MOT.
37565 had an unserviceable mirror today, so instead of working the first turn out of Yarmouth, it was used on Y13, the last to depart, after repairs.

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