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Saturday 26th February 2011 ~ The Gemini Shuffle

37567 and 37158 were kept at Lowestoft today while 37570 retired to Vancouver Avenue, probably in preparation for its MOT. 37568/9 both returned to X1 service today.
37159 was used on K14, but on arrival at Lynn at 12.07, it was replaced by the 'Beast' which then worked the 12.15 to Peterborough. She was then booked to return as the 13.35 back to Lowestoft, but today's heavy showers exposed a faulty windscreen wiper, so on arrival back at King's Lynn she was banished to the depot to await a new wiper motor. 37159 was then again called upon to resume the turn. 20115 carried on the good work though and did K18 all day. I was annoyed as had I known 107 was on K14, I could have nipped up to the village to get a picture of it passing 115, however, just at that time there was a torrential downpour, so I guess the picture would have been poor anyway.
Here is a picture which is quite excellent to make up for it though. Grahame photographed 20126 at Martham today.

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