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Thursday 17th February 2011 ~ A Clean Sweep

Peter writes "Did 37574 on K5 from Wisbech to Peterborough this morning, it was remarkably clean (inside and out) and smelling very fresh. Someone had even taken the trouble to rearrange all the seatbelts!
An X1 on the inside
We were late arriving so driver went direct to the rail station at 0905 so return working was on time - wonder why they all don't do that? Later I was on the 17.10 from Peterborough with another very clean Gemini, 37569".
I know that King's Lynn have started a 'deep cleaning' programme this week Peter and 37574 was the first to be dealt with. As 37569 was off the road at Lynn yesterday for repairs, I think the opportunity was probably taken to smarten that one up too.
I thought we'd include a picture of the Gemini seats, just in case anyone is still confused by my photo taken of me on the Leyland National which appeared everywhere recently.
B10M 20115 was used on the 14.08 Lowestoft - Norwich X2 today after having been seen in the bus station by Malcolm at 10.45 , while 37156 was at Gasworks Road for attention. 37159 had its MOT at Lynn today.
On the X1 punctuality was excellent and 20107 prevented an all low floor day by working Y7. One of our Lowestoft correspondents has put me right regarding the 14.38 X2 from Lowestoft to Beccles which "does NOT go onto a School run. In fact it normally operates the 1610 X2 Norwich to Beccles. This will alter when the new X2 timetable starts soon". Thanks very much for that.
RA has kindly sent this picture of 20102 during its short stay at Lowestoft last week  and Syd says "It arrived early afternoon on the Friday, worked the 1438 X2 to and from Norwich, 1803 X2 to Beccles returning light, 2315 99 to Southwold, and finally light to Bernard Matthews for the 0040 Contract back to Lowestoft".

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