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Tuesday 15th February 2011 ~ Poorly Beast

After all the headlines and other publicity, the 'Beast' finally succumbed to exhaustion today. It was sent out on K1 05.40 King's Lynn to Peterborough this morning, but was ailing and failed at Terrington St. John. Something to do with the throttle linkage apparently. 37577 was sent out as a replacement and completed the turn. By this evening 20107 had been repaired and will no doubt be back refreshed on Wednesday.
Just to prove that the B10Ms are still capable of a good days work, 20115 was standing in on K14, spot on time.
There was a top level X1 blog management meeting today. It took place in Wetherspoons at Wisbech and was attended by Bruce, our Yarmouth correspondent and myself. Items on the agenda included the recent publicity machine, the low floor business and our forthcoming trip to the South Coast planned for next month !
Des sent in some photos of today's jaunt :

K14 14.32 to Lowestoft with 20115 at King's Lynn this afternoon. 

.... and here at Wisbech 
about to convey X1 dignitaries back to their homes.

K17 with 37571 departs on the 14.18 Wisbech to Peterborough as 20115 arrives to form the 14.26 to Lowestoft.
37156 looks quite smart here. It was ready to depart from King's Lynn on Y9 09.45 to Peterborough.
  Timekeeping was very good today, 37564 and 37157 were absentees at Lowestoft and 37159 is on MOT prep at Lynn. There have been no further developments on 37566 which is still at Volvo.
An anonymous reader says "I see from your blog that you have heard that the ‘FINAL DECISION’ was duly made about the X1 and this was actually not to make a decision! Doesnt it make you wonder what these people are paid for? The big news is that VOSA have agreed not to moan about timekeeping ( they actually started the problem ) and this undertaking from them has seen any changes postponed, at least until late Spring".
We briefly mentioned 20102's visit to Lowestoft at the weekend and I am told it actually worked a couple of X2 turns before being banished back to Ipswich.

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