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Saturday 19th February 2011 ~ Pink Duck !

An entirely Gemini worked service today with no swaps, just how it should be. The service ran pretty much to timetable and 37571 12 late on K15 was the black sheep, but even this had recovered some time by the time it returned east through Wisbech about 9 late.
In addition 37158 and 37577 were undergoing routine checks at King's Lynn garage, while there is no new news on absent 37566.
Christine suggests that the picture we included on Thursday of 37574 with seatbelts connected is indicative of an MOT and I agree, but is not the reason in this case. 37570 - 79 have MOT tests in order and 570 should be the first dealt with next week.
The 'pink duck' contacted me today - yes honestly ! Foresaid aquatic bird sent a link to a map of the X1 (and other local bus) routes for our perusal. A lot of work has gone into this and PD asks if there are any amendments to the route shown. If you know of any, please let me know and I will forward them on :

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