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Monday 7th February 2011 ~ Early Start

The day didn't begin well for me. On the days when my morning is running smoothly, I aim to be at Walpole Highway to view the 08.31 to Lowestoft - now you have to bear in mind that according to the official X1 timetable, Walpole Highway (School) is an 'additional stopping point' rather than a proper bus stop, which may be gives a little leeway - so this morning I did just that. Only problem was that approaching the village, I could see K2 (as we term it) striding across the fields towards Terrington St. John at 08.30 ! So, can I put in a request here, that the driver of the 08.21 from Wisbech to Lowestoft departs at 08.23, so as not to run early through Walpole and also to ensure that I see what bus it is ? Oh, and you can give me and Bruce a wave if you like as we are usually outside his bungalow just after 08.30 to see what is going on.
OK, so where was I ? Oh yes, running early, well K16 with 37579 was another such service today, seen departing Wisbech for Peterborough a minute before time. At the other end of the scale, K4 08.35 from Peterborough had 37565 seven minutes late past me at 09.27, but generally the timetable was commendably adhered to.
Roadworks on the A47 this evening saw diversions in operation via Wisbech St. Mary, so whilst at my crib match at the Rose Tavern, X1s were passing by outside on North Brink. Marion pointed this out to me, otherwise I was so involved in the card playing, I possibly wouldn't have noticed. Thanks Maz !
 L10 went by on its way back to Lynn at 21.55, so there was no way that escaped attention, 569 still sounding like a jet propelled roadsweeper. Y13 which had earlier been seen with 37576, passed by on the last Peterborough almost on time, but with 37159 as a replacement. I suspect 576 was taken off to have its home depot look at the suspension after yesterday's failure.
There was one other swap tonight. K2 had 37578 - for that was the B9 which I'd earlier seen crossing the  fields - replaced at King's Lynn by 37568 which had just come in on Y7 and which required servicing at Lowestoft. All the B9s were in service aided by 37157 & 37160 to give an all low floor service.

Mr. Speed says "Rather a gusty day today, worst of it felt from Guyhirn to Thorney on 37563 (L11) with wind blowing hard onto the nearside, whilst return on the same leg was hardly felt. 'Drive Green' didn't like the actions of the wind and all three buses I drove today were a regular flash of amber lights at every jostle of the breeze!
A regular passenger of a certain age, who always wears camouflage clothing and travels to Walpole Highway from Wisbech boarded today (Ah yes , I know exactly who you mean Des). He went to get off at Walpole School and stumbled and fell. I assisted and he told me that he'd just discharged himself from hospital (and had the dressing over the area of his left hand that would have been where his cannula would have been.) Within a few minutes a young couple came out of one of the bungalows near the bus stop and told me that they would take care of him. REALLY NICE PEOPLE IN WALPOLE AREN'T THEY?" - well of course Des, not being biased in any way, I could have told you that lol and to which I might add, really nice drivers on the X1 aren't they ?

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